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Discover Eyer, a cutting-edge AI-powered observability and AIOps platform designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing technology landscape through open APIs, facilitating enhanced operational efficiency. Eyer's cloud-hosted and headless architecture enables automatic detection of abnormal behavior in real-time from the influx of time series data, providing actionable insights to improve system availability. Leveraging open APIs, Eyer empowers organizations to effortlessly ingest performance data from any system, while also facilitating seamless integration with leading third-party tools such as Grafana, Boomi, and Power BI to drive informed decision-making and optimize operational efficiency. With support for open-source metrics agents like Influx Telegraf and Prometheus, Eyer ensures unmatched flexibility in data ingestion, empowering organizations to thrive in dynamic IT environments.

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Published March 1 2024 12:34