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Hugeicons Pro

Hugeicons Pro is a one-of-a-kind icon library featuring over 25,000 high-quality icons. These icons are not just numerous but also consistent in design, making your user interface look professional and cohesive.

Key Features:

  • 25,000+ Icons: A massive selection in 57 popular categories.

  • Five Unique Styles: Choose from Stroke, Solid, Duotone, Twotone, and Bulk icons to fit your project.

  • Figma Plugin: Easily drag and drop icons directly into your Figma projects.

  • IconJar Support: Organize and manage your icons effortlessly.

  • Web App for SVG Copy: Quick access and copy options for SVG icons for smooth workflow.

  • NPM CLI for Developers: Integrate the icon library into your development projects with ease.

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Category Design
Discount Available EARNMORE = 50% off
Published October 11 2023 04:47