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SubPage is the one-stop solution to create all your essential subpages of the website, like Blog, Changelog, Helpcenter, Roadmap, Careers, etc., without any coding or design. Simple and Fast!

SubPage offers a comprehensive solution for your business website, empowering teams to easily create and maintain their pages without developer intervention.

  • The support team can manage Help Centers, FAQs, and Glossaries

  • The marketing team can maintain Blogs and Sitemap pages.

  • HR can build Careers pages and manage job postings with in-built applicant tracking.

  • The product team can publish Changelogs and Roadmaps.

  • The legal team can draft Policy pages and make changes without any developer or designer assistance.

What's more? These pages come with powerful widgets that can be embedded in your website or application. From the Cookie consent widget to the help widget, we've got you covered.

SubPage's AI-powered text editor helps you create content lightning-fast. It can generate a whole policy/blog or tweak text in your blog in a jiffy.

Why Should you use

Most likely, you are currently utilizing generic website builders, CMS platforms, or developing your own solution to create these subpages. Alternatively, you may be using multiple tools, incurring additional costs, to effectively manage these pages.

However, in either case, you are sacrificing efficiency and value. Make the transition to SubPage and experience significant time and cost savings, while fostering collaboration within your entire team. With SubPage, you can streamline the creation and updating of subpages, enhancing overall productivity.

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Published July 11 2023 10:09